Stranger than Fact!

Nothing is more fun than relaxing with a good book.  We most enjoy books that simultaneously enlighten and entertain.  An Old favorite is Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, while newer specimens, equally treasured, include Percival Everett’s Erasure and I Am Not Sidney Poitier, and T.C. Boyle’s Friend of the Earth.

SURVIVANOIA, by crew member Melody Von Smith, adds a sexy feminine sensibility to the sublimely serious realities of these authors.  Check it out!

Once the rum kicks in, we generally move toward more entertainment and less enlightenment.  Think Carl Hiaasen or  Dave Barry

Or, again for that sexy sensibility, think CJ Lyons or Erin Brockovich. Yes, that Erin Brockovich!

LUCIDITY, by CJ Lyons is one of our favorites, though all of her stand alone thrillers will make your time fly in the airport.

ROCK BOTTOM, co-written by Lyons and Brockvich