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Welcome to Books for the Reasonably Educated ( For the R.Ed.!)  Our conviction is that you — our reader — is smart enough to make informed decisions while navigating through this rough ocean that is life.

We, then, aim to inform.

We do not relay well-crafted opinions strategically placed alongside scary statistics and clever factiods in order to mint a blind following of devout readers vaguely resembling a cult.

Instead, we convey well-researched ideas published alongside enlightening quotes and humorous anecdotes to carefully craft a reasonably educated following of devout readers unmistakably resembling a cult.

Our soon-to-launch first project is Smoking for the Reasonably Educated. This is not a Quit Smoking Book per se, though a likely outcome is that you will indeed quit smoking if you read the book and take it to  heart.  This is because the book offers many morsels like this one:

Tobacco and Caffeine

Tobacco makes smokers half as sensitive to caffeine as they would be otherwise. Smoking seems calming, since it lessens the stimulating effect of caffeine. If you quit smoking, the same amount of coffee will affect you twice as much as it usually does. Quitting smoking becomes extra difficult; you’re suddenly extra wired from the doubled caffeine buzz, on top of the tobacco withdrawal. Then you find yourself wanting a smoke to calm your nerves.
Solution: To make quitting smoking easier, cut your coffee consumption in half at the same time.
Caffeine may increase the desire for nicotine.

The focus of Smoking for the R.Ed. is to educate the reader as to the cycle of addiction, and how to break that cycle so that a cigarette addict can become a social smoker – someone who enjoys a cigarette now and then but doesn’t NEED a cigarette ever.  Yes it’s possible.  Yes it is.  Yes!  For real for real.  For an excerpt, click here.

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