by Baroness Von Smith

“The funniest thing I’ve read since Catch-22”  ~Jeff Wind, Environmental Scientist

Set five minutes from now in Los Angeles, this darkly humored and  bizarrely optimistic satire centers on the Survivanoia Corporation–Purveyors of the Post-Apocalypse.  The company creates and distributes items like the Sofa Coffin, Constant War Gear, and Bird Flu Vaccine to a world that thinks it needs them.

Nine narratives intertwine, revealing the struggle of one woman to make things right:  When it comes to light that Survivanoia has not only created the dreaded Flower Flu, but is withholding the cure for it, Baroness Dacianna Von Worthington decides to make things right, by taking over the company.

“Von Smith proves she is a friend to women with her protagonist, a brazen six-three red head who kicks ass while shouting names”

Joining the Baroness are the commonplace eccentrics inhabiting this modern life including:

Dr. Encludsmo Stuckhowsen, a scientist living under a giant sign that says “Put Cheese on Stuff;”

Eddie Bloodworth, a twenty-something suing his mother for not aborting him;

and Jackson Blake, a beach bum slowly transforming into his once-famous television character, a hired vigilante killer.

Can this cast of not-quite-nutters help the Baroness steer Survivanoia to higher ground? Or will all the World be consumed by the Flower Flu…and jogging suits that recycle your sweat so you can shower while you run?

“A novel with so many painstakingly well-defined layers that readers may want to flip back to page one for a second read–or even a third.” ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

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